Your Safe Driving Co-Pilot

How would you feel if you had a collision while using your phone?


Distracted driving due to phone use is the new impaired driving.







AutoAdvisory significantly reduces the risk of collisions by encouraging safe and attentive driver behaviour.



Our app was developed using aircraft system design methods and AutoAdvisory 2.0 is now available on the App Store!




AutoAdvisory advises the driver not to use their iPhone when driving is detected, continuously monitors their device to ensure it’s not unlocked during the trip, and provides feedback at the end of the trip via the Auto Debrief feature - all while maintaining privacy and not affecting the functionality of your iPhone.



Customer Review

"Keeps me off the phone while driving!!!  Sometimes you need to be reminded of the right thing to do. AutoAdvisory does just that. It is the constant reminder it's not a good idea to message while driving, Full Stop. It has changed my habits for the better.  Nice job SRS!"  - R. Wirth



For the sake of those you care for, stay the road.



Positive mention of AutoAdvisory starting at 20:30 of Episode 105 of #TheFeed with Amber Mac and Michael B.  Note that our app does not prevent any iPhone functionality.


Excerpt from Omer Majeed's 580 CFRA interview with Kris Sims on July 2nd, 2017 regarding the Virginia Tech study on texting and driving.



Insightful interview with Capt. "Sully" Sullenberger by Steven Bertoni of Forbes.  Click to 59:18 to hear his road safety message: "The one most important choice we can make...never use your phone while you are driving."









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